Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me By Kristen Chandler

Summary From Goodreads:When KJ Carson is assigned to write a column for her school newspaper about the wolves in nearby Yellowstone National Park, she’s more interested in impressing Virgil Whitman, the new kid in school and the photographer assigned as her partner, than in investigative journalism. But before long, KJ has a face-to-face encounter with a wolf that changes her and the way she thinks about wolves. With her new found passion for protecting these controversial animals, KJ inadvertently ignites the fuse of the anti-wolf sentiment in the community. First Virgil is injured during a town parade, and then her father’s store is set on fire in retribution. To stop the escalating violence, KJ follows Virgil to the cattle ranch of the most outspoken anti-wolf activists in town, against her father’s will. What she discovers there threatens everything and everyone she cares about.
In KJ’s fierce and funny attempt to make peace between the wolves and the people that despise them, she must first face her own long-held fears. It’s terrifying, but then, finding yourself always is.
Hardcover, 371 pages
Published May 13th 2010 by Viking Juvenile

Plot: KJ, or Katherine Jean, a girl with dislexyia and a tour-guide father. She goes with him on wolf tours with him all the time and she loves them. The problem is that her town doesn't. With a town filled with ranchers and cattle, the wolves cause a big problem. Joined together with a cute wolf-loving boy, she tries to keep peace with her town and save the wolves' lives.

Characters: KJ, was a very inspiring girl. She had a learning disability,but she didn't let that stop her. She still found a way to overcome things. I didn't like the way she tried to defend her town for their actions in the beginning and then I started to understand. Virgil was a difficult person to figure out and I thought that he was a werewolf, but I liked him. He was the ideal shy guy who wasn't afraid to be himself. My least favorite character was KJ's dad, Sam. He pushed her to hard and was unessecarrily harsh to her. Sometimes, I thught that he was one of KJ's antagonists. He loved her in his own way, but his behavior towards her was awful.

Relatibility: I can relate to bring stuck in a small town, caught between what you know and what you know is right. The choice can be one of the hardest things to do even for the simplest thing. I wish I was as persistant as KJ, Virgil, and her friends.

Cover Comments: The cover is very simple, with great big burst of color. It is similar to the story within, casual and laid back, but expect some bursts that you'd never expect.
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