Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Question (9/10/10)

I want you loving like an Aquarius
Sensitive like a Pisces
Energetic like an Aries
Dependable like a Taurus
Curious like a Gemini
Patient like a Cancer
Playful like a Leo
Hardworking like a Virgo
Cooperative like a Libra
Intense like a Scorpio
Caring like a Sagittarius
And persistent like a Capricorn

What is your astrological zodiac sign? Do you think your personal characteristics match that of your astrological zodiac sign? 

My zodiac sign is Libra. The sign for Libra is a scale to represent balance. I think my characteristics do match my zodiac sign. I am not overly anal, but I do like having things in balance. In my room or with anything that I own or do, there is plan of operation already thought out. There are also certain ways that things have to be done or places that things have to go. I like to have stability, especially with time. If my alarm clock doesn't go off, even if I do wake up in time to catch the bus, my heart will race and I will go borderline panic attack. Also, another example, you know how this the Friday Question? Well, today is Tuesday. I am writing this days in advance and have all my other posts planned and written out already. Shameful, isn't it?

Enough laughing at me, what about you? Do you fit the traits of your sign?

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