Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Favorites of 2011

I am participating in a mini challenge at Princess Bookie's. I have to tell my favorites of 2011 and here they are...

Why? I had seen this series, like, tons of times and not picked it up. But one day, I walk into Wal-mart with no books on my to-read shelf and in desperate need of a new book. I was extremely apprehensive, but when I read this book I was so embarrassed to have not picked it up earlier. I also loved the other two, but that would take up two more spots on my list! :)
Why? It really stuck with me. It was really unique, a quality that I love and always take notice of. There was almost no punctuation and almost no correct grammar, at all. This book was like the epitome of me being daring. 
Why? No. Words. I think I read Divergent 5 times in one month. I don't think I hardly put up my It's Monday because this was all I read. I mean, I was breathing hard after reading it the first time. How else can you tell its a good book?
Why? It was awesome. And it made me feel better saying that Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite authors. Now when people ask me why I can say more than Twilight.
Why? I used to think that I couldn't call myself a real reader unless I had read classics. I had only read one, Pride and Prejudice, and I think I hated it so much because I couldn't understand it. So my journey to be a well-rounded reader was over. But one night while looking at college prep stuff, I found a list of books for college bound readers. I became determined to finish this list before I made it to college, which is in four years. I went shopping and coincidentally, this was on sale. I bought it and the rest is history, it was unbelievable. Nuff said.

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Ashley @ Bookaholics Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i just started reading Divergent, and I'm loving it. I haven't read any of the others, but I have them on my list

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