Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy Contest Daze Are Back Again!

Hey everybody Contest Craze is back again in 2011 @ Princess Bookie!

What is Contest Craze?

(copied from Princess Bookie)
Contest Craze is simple!

It is a lot of contests at Princess Bookie during March 3-April 10th. It includes contests, mini challenges, and fun!

You enter contests to win! Its just a fun thing to do that week with all the other bloggers out there!

Princess Bookie is still accepting donations from authors/bloggers for this year! Contact her @ if interested.

What does this get you? It gets your blog if you are a blogger or book if you're an author, a little bit of publicity during contest Craze! Plus you get to feel great because you helped another person get a book to read. There is nothing as wonderful as giving someone a new book to read!

Come join in on the fun during March and April!!

The main day of contests is April 9th!

All Contests End April 10th at midnight!

Will you be participating???

PS. If you promote Contest Craze in a post like mine, you get 5 extra entries on one contest. Head on over the Princess Bookie's Blog and read the official rules and then head off to write your own promotion post! Why are you still reading this? Get to it!

Princess Bookie

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