Monday, September 26, 2011

Banned Books and My Opinion

     In case some people didn't know, this week is Banned Book Week. It is held every last week in September. I just recently discovered it myself about two years ago. I had no idea the banning of book was even possible, let alone, going on! When I heard about it. though, I instantly formed an opinion and here it is.

     Banning books is wrong and unconstitutional. It limits the freedom of speech and is flat-out censorship. I can't imagine a parent going in a requesting something, as wonderful as book, to be banned. I believe that life is about choices. It is my choice what I want to read and no one has the right to take it away from me, but my mom. :) She trusts that I am mature enough to handle the subjects I read in books. That's what I think banners need to step back and think about. Sure, you may think that this book is too mature for your kid. But who are you to stop somebody else's child from reading it? I read banned books. Twilight is a challenged book and it is what started me back to reading.
      Parents and banners try to ban books because they use profanity and have drug use in them. Sheltering your child from the world does nothing but hurt them in the long run. In this world, my generation is filled with sex and profanity on television and sometimes it seems that everything is associated with something undecent. Books with profanity and sex in them are like peer pressure. You have to trust that no matter what is thrown at your child that he/she has been taught enough by you to know right from wrong. If you have to ban books in order to insure that your child stays on the right track, then you have no confidence in yourself and even less in your child.
     So in conclusion, I say to the banners. Think about the consequences before you ban a book. Books are filled with opportunities and are you making children miss out on them because somebody's dad said "damn?" To the readers, I say, exercise your right. Read all the banned books you want. Because you know what they say, what's "bad" for you always has the sweetest taste.

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