Monday, January 24, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know #1

Happy Monday everybody! I found this new awesome meme that let's bloggers get to know each other better. Enquiring Minds Want to Know by Dolly's Thoughts.

Each Monday she posts 3 questions for us to answer that we can copy and post on our blog with our answers.
You don’t have to be a blogger to participate either. If you are not a blogger just answer the questions in the comment section following the post. This way we not only get to know other bloggers, we get to know our followers too. I am really excited about this meme and hope many more people will join the fun!!!!!

Are you interested?

1. What is the outside temperature where you are today?
*Right now, it is 51 degrees Fahrenheit and raining a little less than violently.

2. Do participate in any special winter sports or hobbies like skiing or snowmobiling, etc?
*We don't have any winter sports. I live in the south and snow is a novelty. So far we've gotten it 2 years in a row, only enough to last the night and then melt the next morning.

3. If you had to choose between a week long stay in a mountain lodge with lots of snow, activities, friends, food and beverages or a week alone on a deserted white sand island with just a bag of books and food and water which would you choose?
*I would most definitely pick the bag of books. I am not the most outgoing person and large crowds freak me out. The deserted island would be right up my alley, since I can sit in a completely silent place and just do nothing and be quiet for hours. I would perhaps miss the beverages, water is not my drink of choice, but it would be better for my health.

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