Monday, January 17, 2011

Angel Star (Angel Star, #1) by Jennifer Murgia

Format: Paperback
Pages: 251

Why I read this: I needed something about angels to read after rereading Hush,Hush.

Plot: Teagan Mcneel is a girl that minds her own business and, for now her biggest enemy is preppy Brynn Hanson. One day, she looks up into the eyes of blue-eyed, sandy-haired Garreth Adams and her world turns topsy-turvy. Garreth openly reveals his angel self to her and tells her that she is in grave danger. The fate of the world is in her hands. After that Brynn Hanson is a thing of the past, or is she?

Characters: Teagan was my kind of girl. She kept to herself during her life and spent her days praying for a supernatural boy to love. I think Teagan was a goddess in disguise. She at first came off as weak and scared, but it turned out to be a charade. In the end, she fights for her love and does what she needs to do.
Garreth was a sweet a boyfriend as an angel could ever be. He has been with Teagan all her life and understands her perfectly. What more could you ask for in a boy?

Relatibility: I can relate to Teagan and her feeling of never fitting in. Everyone has that feeling at one point or another.

Cover Comments: The cover is a picture of Garreth's mark inside his hand. I like the illustration, but thought it could have been differently colored. Black will always be depressing to me.

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