Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Blogging Resolutions

I have planned to restart my blog this year and was inspired by all the resolution lists I saw being posted. I figured if I was gonna do it that some guidelines and starting points would be reasonable.

1. Blog Regularly.
I have a habit of blogging and then stopping. I can easily get stressed and then my time management gets sucky and then I forget and squeeze out the things that make me happy.

2. Stop reading reviews of books I haven't read yet.
I once read a review and once I read the book I found myself trying to understand why the other blogger didn't like certain parts and it took away from the time I spent enjoying the book and worried me that it might influence my reviews.

3. Get a new blog design and try to do it myself before ordering one.

I know my reviews are supposed to be more important than my looks, but when I look at a blog and it doesn't catch my eye, I generally exit out of it. I don't know much about web design, but I know enough to at least make my own background. My mom encourages me and says that I should imagine how good I'll feel when it looks wonderful and I've done it myself. Then again, she's most likely being biased.

I hope someone reading my resolutions gets inspired to blog like I did. It truly is one of the best things I've ever done. In a way, it has built my confidence and the rush when you see that people have read your writing or when you get your first follower or comment is unbelievable.

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