Monday, July 8, 2013

Mission Impossible | Kiss Crush Collide by Christina Meredith

  What Leah did—only she really shouldn’t have—one hot night at a country club party.

What Leah has—only she really shouldn’t have—on the guy with the green eyes, the guy who is not her perfect boyfriend, the guy who does not fit in her picture-perfect life, the guy her sisters will only mock and her mother will never approve of. Not in a million years.

What happens when everything you always thought you wanted—having cool friends, being class valedictorian and homecoming queen—runs smack into everything it turns out you really do want.

Kiss. Crush. Collide.
For Leah and Porter, summer is only the beginning.
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Why Couldn't I Finish: It was going way too fast for me. Anybody who is not a new reader of my blog knows that I cannot stand cheaters! Leah is a cheater and the worst thing about it is that she is a fast cheater. As she goes on through her day, she seems to feel no regret what so ever. I needed more build-up to her affair, I guess it could be called, and more background about the boy, Porter.

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