Monday, July 29, 2013

BGBR Read-A-Thon Progress

This page will hold my progress as I go through the readathon. 

 Began: 2:50 PM
Ended: 3:50 PM
{Review Written}

Began: 4:30 PM
Ended: 5:30 PM
{Review Written}

Began: 9:07 PM
Ended: 10:22 PM
{Review Written}

{End Day 1}
Began: 12:15 PM
Ended: 2:05 PM
{Review Written}

{End Day 2}
Began: 3:27 AM

{End BGBR Read-A-Thon}
Well, that's it! I din't reach my goal, but I could have if I didn't have to go somewhere yesterday. I had fun and I enjoyed all of the books and the feeling of accomplishment I got from finishing a book. I am still reading Burn for Burn and it's getting good. Thanks for watching me and silently cheering me on!!!

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