Tuesday, July 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1: Confessions

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April over at Good Books And Good Wine.
1. I will buy books wherever I go, whenever I go somewhere. To my, I don't ever not need more books.
2. My TBR pile sometimes gives me anxiety attacks. 
3. I really want to finish this book list I have for college bound students, but I really hate the classics.
4. I mostly like young adult books, of course, but I can read mostly anything.
5. I love poetry, but have a hard time finding compilations that I like even though I might enjoy all the poems inside. 
6. I like bookstores that have little to no people otherwise I feel uncomfortable.
7. I will hardly ever lend my books to anyone. If I do, it is a sign of how much I trust you.
8. I love bookmarks, but just to look at. I am way too lazy to ever use them.
9. I aspire to read the entire Nancy Drew and Goosebumps series.
10. My dream house will definitely have a hidden library.
11. Books are totally my getaway. I love romance the most and when read the backs of books, I quickly scan for a girl name and then a boy's name. 
12. I don't see why people try to make fun of people who like Twilight as opposed to Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Can't girls save the world and get married?
13. I have a mission to write down sweet parts from books that I like. This mission is not going well.
14. If there is no synopsis on the back of a book I have not heard of, there is 100% percent chance that book will not be bought. 
15. I don't mind if books are worn, by me or others, I feel like it makes us connected. I especially like when I buy used books and it has something inside, like an old movie ticket. 

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