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Top 10 Books I've Read in 2011

It is the day after Christmas and also the start of the Top 10 of 2011 blogging event. Today's list topic is the big one. Top 10 Books that you've read in 2011. Here is my list in no particular order, of course, I couldn't do that. 

(my review)
(my review)
(my review)
(my review)
(my review)
(my review)
What fabulous books are on your list? Drop me a link so I can check it out!

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Patricia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey there! : )

Oh your list looks good! (Well, except for the Clockwork Prince and Iron Fey thing. I didn't enjoy those two ;( *guilty face*)

Divergent and Anna! Again! LOL I've just seen them in another post. *grin* And The Host.. I'm not a big Meyer fan, but I liked her take on aliens.

I'd like to follow you, but it seems you don't have Networked Blogs (and GFC and I, we don't get along anymore.. *grr* ;D)

Happy Reading & Holidays,

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

If I Stay, Divergent and The Host, Clockwork Prince, The Iron Queen were AMAZING! Falling under looks good too! Great list!
My Top 10 of 2011

Carina said... Best Blogger Tips

The Iron Queen, Anna and the French Kiss and Divergent are on my list too! :) I definitely need to read If I Stay, Awake at Dawn and Falling Under soon, especially since I have all of them sitting on my shelf. :D

Awesome list. Thanks for sharing! :)

My Top 10 Books I've Read in 2011

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Great list! Anna and Divergent made it to my list too! I'm so glad you loved Clockwork Angel, I know you'll enjoy the next just as much or more. If I Stay was really good too. Just wait 'til you read Where She Went. It's absolutely amazing. I also can't wait to read C.C. Hunter's books. I've heard so many good things about them.

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The Flashlight Reader said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow. I haven't read any of these (even if they are on my shelves). I need to get with the program. I keep seeing some of these books mentioned on other blog posts.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm seeing Divergent everywhere haha! I loved that book! I also really want to read If I Stay and Anna & the French Kiss. I'm planning on starting the Iron Fey series in 2012 as well, I keep hearing about how amazing it is but I've been hesitant to pick it up, for some reason.
Great list! :-D

Amy @ bookgoonie said... Best Blogger Tips

If I Stay is on my shelf waiting for me. I have Divergent on my wish list. I totally love the Amplified cover. I've just never picked Host & I'm thinking I need to in 2012.

Thanks for sharing your list.

Andie Z said... Best Blogger Tips

Great list! If I Stay and Anna and the French Kiss are on my list, and I have Divergent and Amplified on my TBR stack. Can't wait to read them!

I'm a new follower! :)
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test said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay~ awesome blog you got here :D

I have not read the first book of the Shadow Falls Series but I heard of it, I think I need to get around my pile to start the series this 2012. It's my first time seeing Something Witchy This Way Comes but i'm checking it out I consider this one a recommendation from you. If I Stay made it on my list! I honestly love the book, specially with Adam lol the story was really moving that it left me teary eyed. I've heard of Amplified but I never got the chance to get a copy and read it, I heard it's good guess ill have to check it out. Divergent definitely has got to be in everybody's list if they've read it this year. One of the best dystopian book out there along side Shatter Me and Legend. The news about The Host being a movie makes me want to read it soon, but I have to get my pile done before I get to read another Stephanie Meyers book! Falling Under looks awesome! I need to read this one too gaaah so many books that I haven't read! I read The Iron Queen and dang it's one amazing book! I love how it ended so I need to read The Iron Knight soon! Anna and The French Kiss is phenomenal! yes! but just I was completely smitten by Lola and The Boy Next Door which is equally as awesome as Anna. Clockwork Angel is what I can say a master piece it was written with brilliance. Lovely picks!

Here' s my Top 10 Books of 2011

Jay @ We Fancy Books

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