Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Griffin Rising by Darby Karchut

Summary: Griffin Rising is an urban fantasy about an apprentice angel and his coming of age under the tutelage of a father-like mentor. As one of the mysterious Terrae Angeli, Griffin secretly navigates life among humans while preparing for the trial-by-combat every apprentice must pass or become mortal. (Goodreads)

Review: Griffin Rising was a different kind of angel story and can only be describe as sweet and inspiring. Male protagonists are a scarcity on my bookshelf, but Griffin is a worthy character. In the beginning, I just felt so sorry for him, to have to deal with and be abused by Nicopolis. I was so relieved when Basil came along. I liked Griffin's childlike and innocent qualities. He took pride in his job and enjoyed saving peoples lives. He was a strong person to overcome his history. He was always smiling and laughing and just an overall optimistic and happy person.
I think that Basil's love and support helped Griffin to grow as strong and worthy as he did. He was a wonderful father figure and mentor and the father/son moments between he and Griffin are adorable. Katie, Griffin's love interest and later girlfriend, first came out to be a bit shallow, but soon turned out to be Griffin's worthy better half. I love the honesty that their relationship had. Since they were both each other's first, they didn't have any notions about going about a relationship. It was raw and sweet and heartfelt.
The things that were very insightful were the journal entries. It made me feel more connected to all the characters. Griffin Rising was filled with historic stories and fascinating facts about Terrae Angeli, but also with intense feelings and action. The ending had smoke blowing out of my ears. I hope that soon a sequel will come and Nicopolis will finally get his lying butt kicked.

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Oh, yes! There will be some butt-kicking in book two, but not by the person you think! Hehehe!

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