Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Follow Friday & Blogger Hop

It's Follow Friday!

This is my Follow Friday post, a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee!

This week's question: In light of the Summer Solstice. Also known as Midsummer...let's talk about fairies. What is your favorite fairy tale or story that revolves around the fae?

My Answer: In a cozy corner of my heart lies my favorite and the best fae fairy tale stories ever....The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. It was the second time I had read a fairy story after the first story discouraged me. Then these came along and locked into place a new obsession. I even watched 2 Tinkerbell movies after reading the first book!

It is also time for the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Crazy-For-Books!

Today's Book Blogger Question:
Coming Soon!

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Cory K said... Best Blogger Tips

Great choice! There are so many stories to choose from; this was quite the difficult question for me. I'd love if you checked out what I picked for this FF :D

Btw, LOVE THE BLOG... I quickly became a NEW follower.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

Jules said... Best Blogger Tips

I've read a lot of people picking this series! I choose it too but I have yet to start it! :)

I'm a new follower! :D

Felicia said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh goodness it seems like everyone's reading the Iron Fey series! I feel so backward haha, because I rarely read books dealing with faeries. I guess I need to catch up on the paranormal trends :P

New follower!


Felicia @ A Novel Paradise

Darcy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup

Kyanara_BJD said... Best Blogger Tips


The Iron fea series are on my tbr pile
Have a great weekend!

Obsession with Books said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi & Happy Friday!

The Iron Fey series is popular this week.

My FF,

Have a nice weekend.

Marla said... Best Blogger Tips

New follower here. Great choice! Those are definitely high on my favorites list. Enjoy your weekend!

Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter

The Scarf Princess said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the look of your site! I'm your newest follower through FF. Please visit my site whenever you get a chance.

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute blog, new follower!

Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

Grace Fonseca said... Best Blogger Tips

Must read the Julie Kagawa series now. I like your blog. New follower. Going to get your button.

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

I really need to read the Iron Fey series. Great answer. I love Peter Pan too. Tinkerbell :)

Here's my Friday

Amy@adumbrations (new follower)

Alison Can Read said... Best Blogger Tips

Hopping through. I love the Iron Fey books too. So good.
My Hop

LoveOfBooks said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi - New Follower.

So many people say that is a good series! I don't know why it is taking me so long to read them.

~Christy Love of Books

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