Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seeing Reading

Seeing Reading
How I See Reading & How I Think Non-Readers See It 

How I See Reading
To me, reading is the most wonderful thing in the world. I can't explain how it makes me feel. Let's start from the beginning. The sight of books make my heart beat faster. I LOVE the smell of libraries and the feel on pages. Covers that feel soft and raised letters for the title are the best. When I crack open the first page and read the first word, I always imagine a vortex, swirling and me yelling in delight as I am sucked into another world. The anticipation of what's happening next, the feel of fear I have when something bad happens to a character. Truthfully and wholeheartedly, books are my lifeline. They're how I go all around the world without leaving my seat, how I live the most exciting life until I am of age to actually live out loud. 

How I Think Other (non-readers) See Reading
I think the reason others see reading the way they do is psychological. In the same way they label someone a nerd or outcast without giving them a chance is the same way they treat books. They go by the popular vote, it may not be right, but it is the majority. I, among anyone, knows how hard it is to avoid the status quo. This is the reason I don't feel offended at the crazed looks I get because I spend my birthdays at bookstores.

That's my view, people! How do you see reading?

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