Monday, February 27, 2012

ARC Review: Melody Burning by Whitley Strieber

Beresford doesn’t remember much about his past or how he came to live in the chutes and crawl spaces of the posh high-rise that shares his name. But when rock star and teen sensation Melody McGrath moves to an apartment on the fiftieth floor, he knows he has to be near her. Although she doesn’t realize it, Melody is threatened by more dangerous forces than her manipulative stage mom and the pressures of life in the spotlight. The owner of the glamorous building has been hiding a fatal secret within its walls, and Beresford puts all his plans at risk. Will Beresford and Melody be able to escape with their lives (and love) intact?

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I honestly don't know what I take from Melody Burning. It was crazy! The story, the plot, the characters, they were all over the place! Somehow though it all tied together nicely. It was just something about it that made me at least think of it for a while and good books make you think. Melody is a nice girl under too much pressure from people, mostly and especially her mother, I felt sorry for her. Beresford's story was sad also and his voice was adorably innocent. The building is all he knows, making him have hardly no tactic about things. Strieber did an excellent job of developing his character. Together, he and Melody are a whirlwind of love and preciousness. Making the ending satisfying and cute!

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