Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Book Lists to Expand a Reader's Horizons

Where I live and go to school there are never any summer reading lists. Most teens are happy about that but I feel that it would give me something to aspire to, give me a goal to reach during the summer. But everyone knows that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, which is why I found these beauties.* 

Hopefully everyone has heard of The Gilmore Girls, if you haven't, you are seriously missing out. The list consists of all the books that Rory reads on the show.

I have this list in my college binder in sheet protectors and I want so much to finish it before I go to college, but I have horrible experiences with classics and this list is full of them. 

This list compiles ALL the best YA books into the most awesome list. What's better is that is updated alot to include the wonderful YA books that come out everyday.

This is a new site I just found that has tons of book lists ranging from all genres and subjects in YA. 

Once upon a time I got obsessed with a certain vampire series and after I finished it, all I wanted to read was vampires. This site, although not a book list, saved my life. It gave me books to read as I went through withdrawal.

So there you have it, when your summer is boring or you're just at a loss of what to read, go visit these sites! Of course, you don't need to if you already have a summer reading list (lucky dogs!).

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