Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince by Melissa Kantor

Format: Paperback
Pages: 283
Publisher: Hyperion Paperbacks

Summary From Goodreads:
Wicked stepmother? Check. Evil stepsisters? Check. Miserable life? Check.

Lucy Norton’s life has all the makings of a Cinderella story. Her dad’s always away on business, leaving Lucy with her cruel stepmother and bratty stepsisters. She’s burdened with chores, and has a hard time fitting in at her new school. So when she sees Connor Pearson, the star player on the varsity basketball team, Lucy hopes her destiny has finally changed. With everything else going on in her life, doesn’t she at least deserve to get the handsome prince?

Melissa Kantor’s enchanting novel proves that sometimes the happy ending isn’t quite the one you’d expect. Lucy’s about to discover the truth about finding her real Prince Charming… and finding herself.

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Why I Read This: The title was interesting and asked a reasonable question.

Plot: Lucy Norton plays Cinderella in this heartbreaking and love finding book. Lucy has just recently acquired a stepmother and two step-sisters who coincedently turn out to be wicked. One day, when footbLl star, Conner Pearson, starts to notice her, Lucy takes a short trip to Happily Ever After Land. Enjoying the fame of being the quarterback's girlfriend, Lucy tries to find time for her art and deal with the Wickeds at home. When she begins to feel out of place with Conner, Lucy finds happiness when she finds out that her Prince lies in another.

My Opinion: This book had a lot of parts of action that broke my heart. Her stepmother treated her really badly and had me almost wanting to cry with her. I found it weird that Conner started to pay attention to Lucy in such short notice. From the description on the back of the book, I though Conner, "the Prince" had a deep dark secret that Lucy had to find out, but it turns out the secret had nothing to do with Connor, but everything to do with @@@. I was lead on to believe that Conner would have an epiphany or something and they would continue to be together. In the end, I was happy for the change, but disappointed that @@@ was not featured more.

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I read this book, but I don't remember it too well. I love the cover though. Converses get me every time. :P

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