Monday, April 23, 2012

Keturah's Apology

     I once read a post that said to never do an apology post after an absence, but I think that's rude. Especially since I am going to be absence for a little while longer. My reason for not posting is because I have been stressed. The end of the year is upon me and the end of my freshmen year is highlighted (not) by two SATP tests: Algebra and Biology I. I am so determined to make an excellent score on these so I have been studying my butt off everyday. By the time I am finished, I'm headed to bed and tired. I haven't even been reading!!! *gasp* I know!!!! The first week of May I will be taking my tests and after that school is basically over and the blog will be the apple of my eye once again! While I'm gone I have some reviews scheduled to post and some giveaways, too! Come back to check those out and I'll miss you guys and hope you do well on all your tests!!!

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