Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Just Your Average Princess by Kristina Springer

     Jamie Edwards has loved everything about growing up on a pumpkin patch, but ever since her cousin Milan Woods arrived, things have really stunk. Jamie can’t imagine it was easy for Milan to leave her life back in Los Angeles and move to Average, Illinois, population one thousand. But it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her since (a) Milan’s drop-dead gorgeous; (b) she’s the daughter of two of Hollywood’s hottest film stars; (c) she’s captured the attention of everyone in town, including Danny, Jamie’s crush since forever; and (d) she’s about to steal the title of Pumpkin Princess right out from underneath Jamie! (Goodreads)

JUST YOUR AVERAGE PRINCESS was average. There was nothing about it for me that made it to die for. Jamie is a bit neurotic. I liked her at the beginning because she seemed like a good person who was going to have a good story. Her cousin Milan came into the picture and Jamie went haywire. I understand that Milan was really mean, but hey, let her be! Jamie obsessed over Milan, what she was doing, what she was wearing, and how she interacted with a guy Jamie liked but wasn't even dating! She tries to make everyone stop liking Milan by exposing that the reason she had to move to Average is because she made a sex tape. Something goes wrong with that and then Jamie doesn't even confess and decides to just sudden;y leave Milan alone. I liked the ending, I guess, they became friends...... But their friendship was still based on lies! 

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