Review Policy

Update: I will, for the time being, not be accepting books for review until I get caught up on my pile. I still have books from my birthday last year. If you have contacted me to review your book and accepted, it will still be reviewed, I just need a little time. Thank you for your patience.

I would be honored to review your book or be of service in any way to an author. I would love to accept review copies. At this time, I only except print copies and am gradually moving into enjoying ebooks. Until further notice, I do not except ebooks of any kind.

Genres I Review: I am a teenager and I enjoy and read only young adult books. I enjoy all genres, including contemporary, paranormal. etc. Also, books I review must have an underlying romance story or love interests for me to review them.

Genres I Don't Review: I don't review any biographies or nonfiction or anything related to that. If I do review them on my blog, it will be because I bought it and liked it. Not because I received it for review.

About My Reviews: I started blogging to share my love of books with others and to improve my writing skills. By asking my to review your book, you are asking for my opinion and my honest opinion is what I will strive to give. Again I am flattered that you would even consider me to review a book or anything else. You have my typed word that I will do my best to interpret the greatness of your book and transfer it into words.

Thank you for your interest and you may contact me by email at or direct message me on Twitter at @BGBookReviews.

Update: When you email me at my address, please put the subject as "Review Request" or else I will not read it. This is to check that you have read my review policy.
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